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Lucy Timmins has been working in film and television for over 10 years, since discovering her love for the industry during her time at high school, and then university.

After finding festival success with her early self-produced work, Timmins decided to begin exploring her passion for camp practical effects and creative editing. This has taken her through the production of music videos, and into ambitious and unique short films. Although she prodomenantly works in production, she also enjoys bringing content to life by working on handmade art department and costuming. She is working her way toward a career in long form film and television content, focusing on high effort, high reward projects she finds exciting.

 VIDEO (left): Showreel (Lucy Timmins, 2024)

Hasta La Vista

Directors: Guy McRae, Patrick Ranson, Lucy Timmins | Producer: Lucy Timmins Editor: Lucy Timmins | Music: Guy McRae

Cinematography: Lucy Timmins

Cast: Guy McRae, Laura Gordillo | 4 mins


Guy finally boogies away from his toxic relationship in this 80s homage music video.

Good Men

Directors: Patrick Ranson, Lucy Timmins

Producer: Lucy Timmins | Editor: Lucy Timmins | Cinematography: Leigh Elford 

Cast: Barnaby Olson, Kahu Kaiha, Mustaq Missouri | 15 mins

A deadly snake bite has a hitman duo realizing their survival rests in the hands of the cult leader they were sent to kill.

TSF Official Selection, Best Actor Winner | Italian Comedy Festival Semi-Finalist

It's In Bloom

Directors: Patrick Ranson, Lucy Timmins

Producer: Lucy Timmins | Editor: Lucy Timmins | Cinematography: Leigh Elford 

Cast: Guy McRae, Assrtd. | 15 mins

A noir-inspired investigator (Guy McRae) infiltrates a flower-power cult, and finds he can’t take his eyes off their mysterious and beautiful leader.


Director: Lucy Timmins

Producer: Lucy Timmins | Editor: Lucy Timmins | Cinematography: Felix Olohan 

Cast: Dylan Underwood, Grace Cullen

| 7 mins

All he wants is forgiveness from his girlfriend, but there are some things you can't come back from.

Show Me Shorts Official Selection


Director: Lucy Timmins | Producer: Lucy Timmins | Cinematography: Lucy Timmins

Cast: Saale Ilaua, Grace Cullen | 3 mins


An archeologist awakens at his dig site, only to find he has uncovered something horrifying, 

Santiago Horror Film Festival Official Selection | Best Editor Winner


Director: Lucy Timmins | Producer: Lucy Timmins | Cinematography: Felix Olohan

Cast: Grace Cullen, Saale Ilaua | 10 mins


After a man falls in love with a mysterious woman, he discovers her unearthly attachment to her beloved plant, and her obsession with all things compostable.

Tropfest NZ Semi-Finalist


Director: Lucy Timmins | Producer: Lucy Timmins | Cinematography: Felix Olohan

Cast: Grace Cullen| 10 mins


A woman wakes up after a brutal fall on her hike, only to find she is being looked for by the person she was trying to escape.

Tropfest NZ Finalist

Diary of a Possum

Director: Patrick Ranson | Producer: Lucy Timmins | Cinematography: Leigh Elford

Cast: TBD | 40 mins


The new film event from Patrick Ranson will be an absurd take on the perverse goings-on of the global elite, and what they will do to cover it up.

(Currently in Production | Password Required)

Cold Blood

Director: Lucy Timmins | Producer: Lucy Timmins | Cinematography: Felix Olohan

Cast: Grace Cullen, Matt Smith | 5 mins


Officials enter a strange derelict house to deal with the unsavory, undead residents.

Armageddon Sci-Fi Film Festival Official Selection


Director: Lucy Timmins | Producer: Lucy Timmins | Cinematography: Felix Olohan

Cast: Lucy Timmins, Felix Olohan | 2 mins


A captive struggles through a strange forest in this highly edited, highly conceptual music video.

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