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A deadly snake bite has a hitmen duo realising 
their only chance of survival rests in the hands of
the cult leader they were sent to kill.

A paid opportunity to help create a short film with huge potential for individuality and collaboration.


Good Men is a character focused comedy, similar in style to films such as In Bruges or Pulp Fiction. 2/3 shoot days will take place on location in the Rangipo Desert (travel costs covered), with the final shoot day taking place in Auckland. We are looking for a passionate cast with a specific interest in character development, and with good comedic timing.


Pay Rate

This is a low budget film, with rates for cast being 100 NZD per day - totalling 300 NZD. On top of this, travel and accommodation will be covered for the location shoot, plus food on shoot days. 


Shoot dates will be in March, 2022. 

Audition Now!


Get in touch and tell us about yourself. Include information about your preferred character (details below), a recent headshot, your acting style and acting history. An attached showreel or video showing us your acting abilities will be greatly appreciated for the selection process.

You can message us via email at:

We are looking for three
male actors, aged 25+


1/3 JESTER is a hot-headed hit man, ex-army, with a severe case of "tiny dick syndrome". With no issues on the subject of extreme violence and no reservations when it comes to self preservation - be it his pride, or his health. He'll stick to his morals if only out of spite.

  • Age: 30

  • Caucasian (Australian/Kiwi Accent)

  • Physically Imposing, Shaggy Hair,  


2/3 RINGO is a daydreamer, “funkier by looks, and fruitier in nature”. Jester's airhead business partner. With a stable moral compass pointing firmly in a questionable direction, his vague spiritual beliefs allow him to commit atrocities without sin.

  • Age: 30

  • Maori/Pacific Island 

  • Slim Build, Medium Height, Afro-textured Hair


3/3  GUTEMAN is strongly referenced from the real life Osho - an important fact when reading his lines in the script. Slow speaking, condescendingly wise-acting with absolutely nothing to say. 
Guteman has profited wildly from running "spiritual communes", breaking laws and basic moral codes along the way.

  • Age: 30+ (Older look preferred)

  • Southern Asian 

  • Long beard, Older, Expressive eyes

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