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Lucy Timmins


As an emerging filmmaker, I enjoy working on small projects with large ambitions. I select unique and unusual scripts to produce with a high attention to detail, and step outside of my role as a producer to elevate all departments, especially with set design and practical effects - a passion of mine.

I am working towards a career in long form film and television content.



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Hasta La Vista

Directors: Guy McRae, Patrick Ranson, Lucy Timmins | Producer: Lucy Timmins Editor: Lucy Timmins | Music: Guy McRae

Cinematography: Lucy Timmins

Cast: Guy McRae, Laura Gordillo | 4 mins


Guy finally boogies away from his toxic relationship in this 80s homage music video.

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Good Men

Directors: Patrick Ranson, Lucy Timmins

Producer: Lucy Timmins | Editor: Lucy Timmins | Cinematography: Leigh Elford 

Cast: Barnaby Olson, Kahu Kaiha, Mustaq Missouri | 15 mins

A deadly snake bite has a hitman duo realizing their survival rests in the hands of the cult leader they were sent to kill.

Diary of a Possum

Director: Patrick Ranson | Producer: Lucy Timmins | Cinematography: Leigh Elford

Cast: TBD | 40 mins


The new film event from Patrick Ranson will be an absurd take on the perverse goings-on of the global elite, and what they will do to cover it up.

(Currently in Production | Password Required)

Drowned River Valley

Directors: Patrick Ranson, Lucy Timmins Producer: Lucy Timmins | Cast: TBD Cinematography: Leigh Elford | 40 mins


A fisherman’s routine day crabbing on a foggy lake turns into a drawn out nightmare, as she is beckoned down into the murky unknowns.

(Currently in Production | Password Required)



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LUCY is a  Film Producer

Based in Auckland,

New Zealand. 

Lucy Timmins has been producing content for the past 10 years, ever since starting her film journey winning V48 Hour Film Festival Best School Team and Best Female Director during highschool.

Since then she has worked in most areas of film, both on other peoples projects and her own. She fell naturally into the role of producer, her previous experience with self funded films making her confident creating with various budgets. After enjoying festival success with her early projects, she spent a few years working on more experimental projects, learning SFX and editing skills, and is now eager to get back into narrative films. She recently produced both Good Men and Hasta la Vista with Patrick Ranson. 

Timmins has produced &

edited the following 

festival  projects:


Good Men -

Top of the South

Official Selection

& Best Actor Winner
Unfaithful - Show Me Shorts Official Selection 
KING - Santiago Film Festival Official Selection and Best Editor + International Music Video Underground Best Editor 
Thrildo - V48 Hour Akl Best Editor Finalist
Cold Blood - Armageddon Sci Fi Expo Official Selection
Reach - Tropfest NZ Official Selection


 I am an                                           

extremely self-driven                 

producer and editor working toward a career in high quality, long form film and television production.


I prioritize collaborating with creatives who strive for quality in their fields, to create unique and outstanding New Zealand productions.

Lucy Timmins Patrick Ranson


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