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Works by Lucy Timmins

All films are passion projects created by Lucy Timmins
Including Producing, Writing and Directing, Art Department, and Editing

Good Men





Cold Blood


Short film currently in production. 
A deadly snake bite has a hitmen duo realising their only chance of survival rests in the hands of the cult leader they were sent to kill.

Santiago Horror Film Festival Best Editor/Official Selection
Retracing his steps through a dig site, a man rediscovers
the Creature he had accidentally dug up.

Show Me Shorts Official Selection
A dialogue-driven thriller as the unexpected misdeeds of a lover are slowly unearthed over one conversation.       

Tropfest NZ Finalist/Official Selection
A girl struggles to find help after a brutal fall, but how she got into the forest in the first place is the true horror.

A heavily storyboarded and edited Unofficial Music Video
The character and audience are both disoriented and must try to find their bearings in this fast paced visual feast.

Armageddon Sci-Fi Film Competition Finalist
An armed woman assassinates all inhabitants of a house, only to double back and handcuff the bodies. This undead sci-fi action is captured in One Shot, with eerie
Art Department and a Techno soundtrack.

And More...

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