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Help Fund Good Men

We need your help to make
Good Men.

Good Men is a project with a lot of love and guts behind it.

Without funding, the necessities for filming can not be obtained and the film will never be created. To bring the fund up from the creator's own monetary investments to reach the needed budget, a Crowdfunding campaign will be launched in January, 2022 - this is where you come in. Any donation amount is appreciated and needed.

To pay for the cast and crew for the short film Good Men, we will be Crowdfunding for a total of 2,500 NZD. This is the minimum amount we need - additional money raised will make it possible for us to execute the film to a higher standard.

How Does Crowdfunding Work?

A goal of 2500 NZD will be set to be raised for the Good Men short film. Over a month, donations from you will accumulate and hit that goal. 

If 2500 NZD is NOT reached by the deadline, the money is returned to the donators and Good Men does not receive it's funding. This means it is essential for you to donate as soon as possible - once the campaign closes it will be too late. The more money raised on the website, the more likely other people are to donate, with the knowledge it is a worthwhile investment and an exciting project to back. So your early donations are greatly appreciated!
If the campaign raises OVER 2500 NZD, the excess money will be used to expand the budget of the film. This would be the optimal outcome. While our budget covers the essentials to simply get Good Men made, to be able to invest in better equipment, more Art Department, and marketing for after it's completion, we will need more funds.
So your donation will still be equally as essential and gratefully used to improve the film's quality, as well as it's reach once it is finished. 


The Budget

Good Men will be a relatively low-budget shoot for a 10 minute short film, with a total budget of $7,500. The funding will come through a combination of creator investment and crowdfunding. Ranson and Timmins will be investing significantly beyond the official fund, in particular with the Art Department and Set Dressing, accumulating and creating pieces to develop the world/characters leading up to the shoot day. 

  • 40% (3000 NZD) Cast/Crew 

  • 25% (1900 NZD) Location

  • 16% (1200 NZD) Equipment

  • 4% (300 NZD) Costume/Makeup

  • 6% (500 NZD) Props/Set Dressing

  • 9% Contingency 


Crowdfunding will make Good Men happen. The Crowd Funding campaign will launch from December 28th 2021 (28/12/21) till February 28th 2022 (28/2/22), raising a total of 2500 NZD and bringing the budget up from the creators own investments to an amount which would be feasible to shoot with. 

Although creative input and execution makes a good film great, funding is essential to actually get the film created at all and will be allocated to things such as:

Cast/Crew wages, Location (including travel and accommodation costs), Costume, Props/set dressing, and more. 

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