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The Creators of
Good Men

With a script considered by both creators as their most exciting work so far, Good Men is a captivating concept with full bodied characters and an unseen world you'll feel like you know, from only 10 minutes of watching. Ranson and Timmins have both put their best foot forward and placed all of their combined, compatible talent into bringing Jester, Ringo, and Guteman's story to the screen in Good Men.

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From lore-rich short stories of viscerally dark fantasy worlds, to long form comedies with entirely unpredictable yet completely comprehensive plots, Patrick Ranson's writing is instantly recognisable. Specializing in world creation and character building, his works call on reality for inspiration while taking you through a story which you'll believe happened - just not in any reality we know of.

His public portfolio includes King of Nothing, and The Tale of Duncan, short stories so visually dynamic they're comparable to short films. Ranson is also the writer and director of Crooked Earth: An Immersive Short Horror Story Podcast, an upcoming project due for worldwide release in 2022.

Ranson's mind for creating huge worlds and complex characters works perfectly in collaboration with Lucy Timmins, who is a filmmaker with a focus on concept and execution, prioritizing a core idea and how to translate that world creatively onto the screen.

Timmins has a valuable history of creating her own films from conception to completion. This has resulted in her capability in navigating a low budget film set, ensuring every department is prioritized and utilized to come together as a well functioning production and a beautifully crafted end product. 

Her short films include Unfaithful (Show Me Shorts Official Selection, screened on TVNZ on Demand), Botanical (Tropfest Finalist), Reach (Tropfest Official Selection), Cold Blood (Armageddon Sci-Fi Festival), King - Jb the War Villain, Mareko (International Music Video Undergound (BEST EDITOR), Santiago Horror Film Festival Official Selection), Good Intentions (48Hours Best Female Director).

Lucy Timmins and Patrick Ranson

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