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A deadly snake bite has a hitmen duo realising 
their only chance of survival rests in the hands of
the cultleader they were sent to kill.


More information about Good Men at

The Good Men Car

We are looking for a car with character to feature in Good Men, a comedy Western short film.

If you have a business or product, we have the resources to shoot promotional videos in exchange for the use of the car.

If you think your car could have a look and personality to add to a short film, you can message us via Facebook or through email at:

Good Men is a character focused comedy, similar in style to films such as In Bruges or Pulp Fiction. 2/3 shoot days will take place on location in the Rangipo Desert, with the final shoot day taking place in Auckland. Shoot dates will be in March, 2022. 


Message with any questions or just to express potential interest and get more information. There’s no obligation and we’d love to chat about your car and availability.

Good Men is a passion project with a very small budget. If payment is essential in exchange for the use of your car, just let us know and we can discuss further.

Otherwise (if necessary), we have a videographer/editor on our crew who has worked specifically in promotional videography, and can shoot some free short promotional videos for your business or product. 

Your help creating this film is highly appreciated and your car will add a unique flare no other car could.


For You Lending Your Car to Good Men

We will need your car in Auckland for one day, and in Rangipo for two days.

Please note if you can’t provide your car for one of these locations, contact us anyway. We are considering using different cars for the external shots and internal shots, so you may suit us for one of the locations. 


The car will be driven for scenic shots, but when shot from the interior it will be fully parked and “movie-magic” will be used to create the illusion of movement. Your car will not be at risk during this shoot, and the Art Department (e.g decorating with the characters belongings) will not include any permanent changes.


You are welcome to come to the shoot, but you will not be actively needed so it may be in your own best interest to skip it. 

You can message us via Facebook or through email at:

Our Vision

Please note these are just what we are currently picturing for Good Men - we are open to seeing a car that

changes our minds, if the style feels perfect.

The car belongs to a hitmen duo, used for driving on the job. Owned by a man with an eye for style. 


  • Older

  • Square (not rounded)

  • Ideally scuffed (or able to get dusty)

  • Unique Looking - doesn’t have to be rare or special, just cool. 

  • An old truck, or a retro looking car will do fine 

  • Must have a back-seat 

  • Ideally available for use in both Rangipo and Auckland

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